It's a Podcast, but it's Also Happy Hour

Join us to feel energised, upbeat and inspired listening to two different perspectives (career and entrepreneurship) through the lens of successful women leaders sharing their stories and breakthroughs, downloads and successes to become the woman they are now.

the rockstar mindset podcast

How to Be Visible And Be Recognised For Your Work And Value

You'll learn my best tips, hacks, mindset and visibility strategies to be visible and charismatic everywhere.

How to Make A Career Change

You'll feel empowered to listen to this nudge to do something different and find your purpose to make this career change with ease and joy.

You'll feel inspired to hear the stories of women leaders who moved from the corporate world to become successful n entrepreneurs and learn their best tips.

How to Become An Entrepreneur

what you'll learn here: 

I'm Gaëlle, your new get-a-grip friend.

French girl, Londoner, ex-corporate maven and dance lover who turned her nemesis (being seen) into her love at first sight.

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Tune in to my talks with these women leaders and the Viz Jam sessions to say Adios Amigos to your fears and thrive in your professional life irrespective of what you do.

My superpower is helping women to trust themselves and shine so they become the Rockstar of their life: bold, visible and confident unapologetically. 


"Everyone should have a listen to your episodes and I look forward to the next episodes. You’re way of delivering a message is true and authentic... just what people want.."

Five Stars:

- jo

"I love this podcast for mindset miniatures to start my day, spoken with grace and pace."

Five Stars:

- danielle

"Gaëlle has such a beautiful spirit about her and I love her thoughtful questions! Looking forward to hearing more!"

Five Stars: