How To Reclaim Your Essence As a Woman

Sometimes, Gorgeous, it’s just meant to be. Synchronicity plays in your favour when you find yourself sitting next to a kindred sister. Both of us won awards at the Women Changing the World Awards, and since then she’s been part of my tight-knit circle. Let me introduce you to Elisabeth Gabauer. Elisabeth Gabauer is a […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Gorgeous, It was an honour to be one of the judges of the 8th Young Women’s Speech Contest. Each of these women reminded me of something fundamental: the power of our voices to bring change. These young women were able to balance the power of their words and the raw emotion linked with it and […]

Why Your Words, Energy And Action Matter


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Gorgeous, I see them laughing, speaking and engaging with each other. They feel at home, free to be themselves and share their thoughts, and they have this kind of glow so unique to women having a good time, connecting and feeling supported. This is the vibe of my women’s circle. They feel safe, understood, and […]

This Is The Vibe Of My Women’s Circle


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