How To Reclaim Your Essence As a Woman

Sometimes, Gorgeous, it’s just meant to be. Synchronicity plays in your favour when you find yourself sitting next to a kindred sister. Both of us won awards at the Women Changing the World Awards, and since then she’s been part of my tight-knit circle. Let me introduce you to Elisabeth Gabauer. Elisabeth Gabauer is a […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Hi Gorgeous, Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and elevate your influence? If so, I have a free gift that you’re going to love! My quiz is your gateway to discovering your Visibility Style – the magic that sets you apart – and leveraging it to elevate your presence. But there’s more […]

The Secret To Stand Out From The Crowd


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Gorgeous, They were speaking like we were ghosts.  I was silent, observing the scene unfolding before me. My two men colleagues were speaking to each other, ignoring my senior colleague completely, trying to say a word. I was an observer, and what I could see wasn’t rosy-pinky-glory.  As a Director of our team, she struggled […]

I Felt Sorry For Her


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I don’t want this to consume my life and at the same time I know it’s important! Her response intrigued me, and I asked her more about that. She told me that she doesn’t want to be glued to her mobile to stay visible. I felt a pit in my stomach because not a long […]

How To Heal Your Relationship With Visibility And Make The Impact You Want


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