How To Reclaim Your Essence As a Woman

Sometimes, Gorgeous, it’s just meant to be. Synchronicity plays in your favour when you find yourself sitting next to a kindred sister. Both of us won awards at the Women Changing the World Awards, and since then she’s been part of my tight-knit circle. Let me introduce you to Elisabeth Gabauer. Elisabeth Gabauer is a […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Gorgeous, If you’re an introvert struggling with visibility, this post is for you. I have deep respect for you because you feel the world intensely. You have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that you keep in your private box. When I began my career in London 17 years ago, I was an introvert. I […]

How Introverts Can Be Highly Visible And…Effortlessly!


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What if you can be visible and enjoy it?

How To Be Visible With Ease And Grace


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The world doesn’t need another post, article or tweet. The world needs your voice Gorgeous. You have the choice. You can bombard your audience with more content that looks like others (aka broad and basic), or you can shake off your audience like Taylor Swift with her song “Shake It Off” and give them a […]

Are You Creating More Content?


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