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Gorgeous, I’m excited to share that I am a speaker at the Elevate Your Reach Summit! It’s an online event all about showing you drive organic leads and convert them into paying customers, without spending a dime on expensive ads. The best part? The Elevate Your Reach Summit is completely free! I’ll be joining more […]

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We like it salty and sweet

This time, Mr. Mercury will be gentle with a few memorable bumps from the 23rd of August to the 15th of September. What does it mean? We need to be laser-prepared; a triple-check is required before hitting the send button. You may be used to doing it already, in this case, amp up your vigilance […]

How To Keep Your Cool During Mercury Retrograde


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Gorgeous, I don’t know about you, but I love connecting with people. As a result, I have no issues building great relationships with like-minded people. Speaking to them is effortless, and I enjoy connecting with these persons. However, there’s the dark side, people from the moment you meet them, you know you won’t get along; […]

How To Deal With These “Lovely People”


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There is a je-ne-sais-quoi who makes this space unique. It’s the place popping up in my mind when I feel stressed, pressured or overwhelmed. I need to bask in my feminine energy where I can re-connect to it from a place of ease, grace and elegance. Do you know why I fell in love with […]

I Fell In Love With It, And I’m Hooked For Life!


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Hi Gorgeous, I’m thrilled to share with you the meditation that changed my life. It’s the best meditation I’ve ever tried and from this day, I became a student. Not only is this meditation a fantastic self-care practice in terms of mental hygiene, but it’s also helping you to be more focused, remove the stress […]

It’s The Best Meditation I’ve Ever Tried


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It’s when you hit rock bottom that this mindset is your anchor. It’s when nothing is left to show you that it’s worth keeping going that this mindset will be your rock. Because it will help you to connect to your deepest ounces of strength to believe in yourself, to have this jolt, this wake-up […]

What Is A Rockstar Mindset?


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I don’t want this to consume my life and at the same time I know it’s important! Her response intrigued me, and I asked her more about that. She told me that she doesn’t want to be glued to her mobile to stay visible. I felt a pit in my stomach because not a long […]

How To Heal Your Relationship With Visibility And Make The Impact You Want


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Day 7: I have just finished my second meditation and oh boy, I cannot live without it, the mantra guides me into a blissful world where I surrender completely and enjoy the ride wholeheartedly. Day 7 of my Ziva online course and I knew that meditation was key to building a healthy mindset. But what […]

The Kick Ass Guide To Build A Healthy Mindset


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Do you ever wonder why all businesswomen are praising meditation as one of their secrets to success? Let’s dive in to reap the benefits of it now. What Is Meditation Meditation is training your mind to remove the stress accumulated in your body and mind. Meditation is the process of surrender, observing your thoughts without […]

Five Reasons For Women Leaders To Say Yes To Meditation


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