The Energy Of Leadership: Authenticity Over Agenda

Gorgeous, Do you have an agenda? Because if you do, people will feel it. The better way? Raise the bar, including your people’s growth and success. When I was Head of Wellbeing Communications, I never had one. I dedicated myself to helping my team succeed and, per se, helping them grow and thrive. I acted […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Gorgeous, We are on a ride but you can make it the best strategy time for your career! It’s time to strategise like the brilliant woman you are and give freedom to your Virgo side— unleash your detail-oriented genius, read the small lines and be selective to supercharge your success. I’m a Virgo Rising, former […]

4 Questions To Say Adios To Your Fears


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Gorgeous, They were speaking like we were ghosts.  I was silent, observing the scene unfolding before me. My two men colleagues were speaking to each other, ignoring my senior colleague completely, trying to say a word. I was an observer, and what I could see wasn’t rosy-pinky-glory.  As a Director of our team, she struggled […]

I Felt Sorry For Her


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Gorgeous, I met her at the Hearth, and we spoke about social media.  She shared with me that she felt overwhelmed by the information bonanza and lost how to be visible in this crowded online world. And I couldn’t agree more!  But I told her that what matters is to discover what visibility means to […]

Do You Play Hide And Seek With Your Audience?


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I don’t want this to consume my life and at the same time I know it’s important! Her response intrigued me, and I asked her more about that. She told me that she doesn’t want to be glued to her mobile to stay visible. I felt a pit in my stomach because not a long […]

How To Heal Your Relationship With Visibility And Make The Impact You Want


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